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For patients

Learn what you can expect from genetic counseling and how our genetic counselors can help you.

For patients

Learn what you can expect from genetic counseling and how our genetic counselors can help you.

Your doctor may have recommended genetic counseling or you may be exploring on your own to learn more. Welcome. We are glad you are here. Our service is to provide genetic counseling through online and phone-based sessions.

A genetic counseling session with our genetic counselors can help you:

  • Understand your risk given your family history and/or a genetic test result
  • Determine if genetic testing is a good option for you
  • Choose the right genetic test
  • Understand your results
  • Make the most informed healthcare decisions

If you decide to receive genetic counseling, we match a genetic counselor with expertise that will help with your questions. Most sessions are 30-minutes in length. After the session, you will receive an easy-to-understand summary of the discussion and next steps.

Medical reasons you may consider genetic counseling

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    Pregnancy Planning
    Genetic counselors can help you understand what genetic variations you could pass on to future children or if there is an increased risk for a genetic condition due to family history.

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    Prenatal screening options can be overwhelming and the results are not always straightforward. If you need help navigating your choices, or if you’ve had an abnormal ultrasound or high-risk screening result, genetic counselors can help you understand the implications and make the most informed decisions about next steps.

  • Fertility Icon

    Genetic counselors also assist couples in navigating the genetic aspects of fertility issues, and work with those undergoing fertility treatments to make the most informed decisions.

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    Pediatric conditions
    Genetic counselors can help parents understand newborn screening results and guide parents who are considering genetic testing for their child.

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    Heart disease risk
    For people with a personal or family history of cardiovascular conditions, genetic counseling can help determine if genetic testing could be beneficial, and provide guidance on test results.

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    Cancer risk
    Some genetic variations put people at higher risk of developing certain cancers. Genetic counselors can help assess whether testing is appropriate given family history, explain the results of a test, and discuss potential next steps.

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    Neurological disease risk
    Some neurological conditions have a genetic cause, and some genetic variations may increase the risk of developing a disease later in life. Genetic counseling can help unravel the role of an individual’s genetics in neurological health.

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    Medication management
    How an individual reacts to certain medicines can be determined in part by genetics. Genetic testing may be able to uncover this information, and counseling can help make sense of test results.

  • general health icon

    Other health
    Many other conditions have genetic causes, and our genetic counselors can help you determine if you’re at risk, and if genetic testing may be right for you. Also, healthy individuals with no medical conditions or family history may choose to have genetic testing to understand traits and ancestry, assess future health risks to be proactive, and to have their genetic data available as new discoveries are made.

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