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A letter from our CEO: Reflecting on a milestone

December 20, 2019

I am pleased to share that GeneMatters has reached a milestone of providing telehealth genetic counseling for 10,000 patients!

2019 has been another year full of milestones as healthcare organizations embrace our telehealth model to serve their rapid growth: We more than doubled our genetic counseling staff. We completed 5 major software releases on our telegenetics platform, which now includes more than 40 configuration options. Most importantly, our patient satisfaction ratings remain high at 96%.

As I reflect on the progress from our original vision to today, I want to personally extend my gratitude:

To all of our partners who entrust us to provide genetic counseling for your patients. From our first partner who believed in our model and tested our platform’s API integration to the dozens of other partners that chose our service and continue to grow with us--we appreciate our partnership with you. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

To the genetic counselors in this 5,000-strong community. We’re grateful to work alongside you every day in the care of patients and through collaboration in our field. We appreciate your advice and support. We’re continually energized by your passion!

To everyone on the GeneMatters’ team that believes in our mission to improve access to genetic counseling. Every single day, you deliver on our commitment to provide an outstanding service.

But most of all to every patient that we’ve been honored to serve. We hope that our genetic counseling provided you with caring support and helpful guidance.

We’re proud to have served 10,000 patients and are committed to continued innovation to improve access to genetic counseling.

Jill Davies, GeneMatters CEO