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Genetic counseling service

Our flexible telehealth service can help you build or expand access to genetic counselors for your patients. Explore how we can partner to deliver what you need.

Genetic counseling service

Our flexible telehealth service can help you build or expand access to genetic counselors for your patients. Explore how we can partner to deliver what you need.

Our telehealth service provides deep medical expertise for genetic counseling, delivered through our online telegenetics platform that integrates with your workflow.

Service overview

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Who we support

We partner with hospitals, health networks, clinics, academic centers and genetic labs to build or expand your genetic counseling service.

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What we offer

We provide independent, personalized genetic counseling sessions, delivered via telehealth and connected through an online platform.

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How we charge

Because cost shouldn't be a barrier to genetic counseling, we charge only for sessions delivered. No upfront or annual fees. Platform provided at no cost with service. 

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How we deliver is up to you

We believe you know your needs best. So you can tailor our service for what you need—now and the future.

Explore ways you can increase access to a genetic counselor

What your patient receives

Based on your patient’s genetic counseling needs, we match a genetic counselor with expertise in their medical area. After the consultation we will provide a summary of our discussion and recommendations.

We can help your patients:

Understand genetic risk or consider genetic testing

Your patient will receive a 30- to 60-minute phone or video consultation, discussing genetic risk, testing options as appropriate and implications of testing.

Understand genetic testing results

Your patient will receive a 30-minute phone or video consultation to interpret and understand the results of genetic testing. We answer any questions and discuss further options the patient can consider.

We also offer a joint service with Clear Genetics that combines chatbots with full genetic counseling sessions to support high patient volumes. 

Why GeneMatters™

Our combination of expertise, technology and delivery is designed to serve your needs. We aren't just a telehealth genetic counseling company, we are your partner.

Here’s what makes us different:

Delivery for immediate patient access

  • Immediate and scaled coverage
    Supplement your internal staff or have us serve as your full-service team, with appointments in <48 hours. We are nimble to provide immediate coverage and can easily scale for high volume.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Budget for genetic counseling sessions only—no monthly minimums, upfront or annual fees.

Technology to simplify care

  • Telegenetics platform
    We developed our online platform specifically for genetic counseling patient management. It's everything you would want for easy and seamless integration. 
  • Ability to customize
    Because one size doesn’t fit all, we customize our platform, patient workflow and processes for you. 
  • Chatbot integration
    Option to combine Clear Genetics chatbots with our full genetic counseling service.

Expertise to trust

  • Genetics expertise
    Founded and led by known & trusted experts in the genetic counseling field. Our board-certified genetic counselors have deep clinical expertise across all specialties, with coverage in all U.S. states and Canada.
  • Independence
    Access independent third-party genetic counseling, delivering pre- and post-test recommendations free from bias.
  • Quality measures
    Receive services backed by rigorous quality methods. We are driven to uphold our high patient satisfaction data and consistent quality metrics. 

Interested in learning more?

Let's connect about your needs.

Why telehealth

Telehealth has become more routine for improved access for patients. But how does it compare to in-person genetic counseling, particularly for more complex or high-risk patients?

The research is demonstrating equivalency to in-person counseling. Patients like the convenience of meeting by phone or video, plus flexibility in appointment times.

Our telehealth expertise and online platform can:

  • Serve your patients with increased access to certified, licensed genetic counselors.
  • Expand your reach to patients in underserved areas.
  • Reduce wait times for genetic counseling consultations.
  • Ensure the right test is being ordered for your patient by working alongside you in your practice.
  • Lower administrative costs by providing access to genetic counselors on an as-needed basis.

We would like to hear about your needs and discuss opportunities to get your patients the help they need, when they need it.

We never want cost to be a barrier to genetic counseling.