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Genetic counseling services

Timely access to expert genetic counseling is easy with our flexible telehealth options.

Genetic counseling services

Timely access to expert genetic counseling is easy with our flexible telehealth options.

With deep clinical expertise, flexible telehealth delivery options and patient engagement tools, we fit your workflow and your patients' needs.

Service overview

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Who we support

We partner with hospitals, health networks, genetic testing labs and biopharmaceutical organizations.

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What we offer

We provide a single source for accessing expert genetic counselors via telehealth, a suite of patient engagement tools and the most comprehensive telegenetics platform available.

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How we charge

We offer flexible pricing options to fit different organization needs and patient volumes.

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How we deliver is up to you

We will design our service to fit what you need for genetic counseling and genetic service delivery—both today and into the future.

Learn how you can tailor our staffing, telegenetic platform and patient engagement tools to fit your needs.

What we deliver for partners

  • Immediate and scalable genetic counseling coverage
    Whether you have a staff shortage or a long-term need, we can flex with you. Appointments in <48 hours in all U.S. states & Canada.
  • Easy integration into your workflow
    We connect to you through our Pioneer Telegenetics Platform™ for easy scheduling, real-time communication, patient management and seamless record-sharing. We’ll customize your service and platform within days.
  • Support for your patients throughout their genetics journey
    We’ll customize our RISE Patient Engagement Tools™ to help you increase access to your genetic services and support patient decision-making.
  • Genetics expertise
    Our genetic counseling company was founded and is led by known & trusted experts in the genetic counseling field and our board-certified genetic counselors have deep clinical expertise across all specialties. We are driven to uphold our high patient satisfaction ratings.

What your patient receives in a genetic counseling appointment

During a 30-to 60-minute phone or video consultation, a GeneMatters genetic counselor will help your patient:

  • Understand risk based on family history
  • Decide if testing is right for them
  • Understand genetic test results
  • Make informed healthcare decisions

After the consultation, we provide a summary of our discussion and recommendations within 24 hours.

Medical specialties

When you trust us to provide genetic counseling to your patients and their family members, we understand the responsibility.

Our board-certified genetic counselors have deep expertise across medical specialties, averaging more than 10 years of experience. We have provided pre- and post-test counseling for thousands of patients, delivering unbiased and expert guidance that receives high patient satisfaction.


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Reproductive health

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Rare disease

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When you want a genetic counseling service that fits your needs, we're here to be your partner.