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Tailor your service

Choose the genetic counseling staffing model and online patient management workflow that fits your needs.

Tailor your service

Choose the genetic counseling staffing model and online patient management workflow that fits your needs.

With our flexible services, you can access counselors on an as-needed basis and customize the online platform integration that works for you.

Staffing options

We can take on some or all of your genetic counseling appointments, providing quick access to genetic counselors to reduce patient wait times. Which staffing option fits your need for genetic counselors?

Temporary support
Supplement internal genetic counseling staff for temporary staff shortage or increase in patient volume.

Long-term adjunct
Provide a long-term adjunct for internal genetic counseling staff for overflow appointments or planned growth.

Serve all needs
Assume all genetic counseling appointments for those who don’t have internal genetic counselors.

Serve as vendor
Serve as a vendor as you provide a genetic counseling service to other organizations.

Staffing model planning

Aren’t sure which option is best for your needs? We can help you figure it out.

We can discuss factors to consider when deciding how to meet your genetic counseling needs, such as:

  • Ability to hire sufficient staff
  • Staffing for a temporary project or leave of absence
  • Medical expertise needed
  • Cost-effectiveness of hiring staff vs telehealth
  • Need to reach patients in underserved areas
  • Unknown volume of future patient appointments
  • Preferences for patient scheduling
  • Need for independent genetic counselors

Tailor our online platform and workflow

We deliver personalized genetic counseling sessions via a web- and telephone-based proprietary platform. Our HIPAA-compliant platform is an online scheduling and patient management system to exchange and store patient records related to counseling appointments.

Best of all, the workflow and platform is flexible for your needs:

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Provider schedules genetic counseling appointments with us using our online platform, manages patient workflow and records. If desired, the platform can fully integrate with your electronic medical records (EMR/CMS) system.

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Patient schedules genetic counseling appointment online with us directly.

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Patients are referred to us and we schedule genetic counseling appointments, and manage patient workflow and reporting with you.

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License our online platform as a service for your organization to use for your genetic counseling department. If needed, we can serve as your overflow for your genetic counseling appointments.

We like to be nimble so we can scale when your needs evolve.