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Tailor your service

Easily customize our genetic counseling service to meet your unique needs.

Tailor your service

Easily customize our genetic counseling service to meet your unique needs.

With our flexible service, you can tailor your staffing model, workflow and online telegenetics platform for patient management.

Choose temporary or long-term staffing options

We can support some or all of your genetic counseling appointments. Choose the option that fits your needs now, with flexibility to scale up or down to match your patient volume—with no minimum volume requirements or upfront payments.

Adjunct to your internal team
We can support your internal genetic counselors for overflow appointments, staff shortages, and more.

Serve as your genetic counseling team
We can support all genetic counseling appointments if you don’t have internal genetic counselors.

Tailor your workflow and telegenetics platform

We deliver the service that fits your needs and we customize our HIPAA-compliant telegenetics platform to easily integrate into your organization. Best of all, our platform is simple to use and ready for you within days!

  • Workflow to fit your organization’s needs
    Receive a customized process, standard operating procedures, reports and more, tailored to the workflow that works best for you.
  • Simplified care coordination
    Select who you want to refer, schedule appointments, share records, track and manage care within our platform. We have more than 30 configuration options ready to go to fit your clinical needs. Importantly, patient-facing features are optional.
  • Centralized patient management
    View and manage all referred and scheduled patients from your dashboard.
  • Real-time communication
    Choose who receives status updates, automated communications and report notifications.
  • Quality and consistency
    Receive data on key performance and quality metrics, backed by our rigorous quality assurance measures.
  • Combine with Clear Genetics chatbots
    Integrate chatbots with genetic counselors through our partnership with Clear Genetics for high patient volumes.

Two ways to access our platform

  • With GeneMatters' genetic counseling service
    Our platform is provided complimentary with the use of our genetic counseling service. Developed specifically for telegenetics, it provides everything you need to efficiently manage genetic counseling.
  • License the platform
    Our platform may be licensed for use by your genetic counseling team, independent of GeneMatters' service, or with the option to add GeneMatters' genetic counseling service.

We like to be nimble so we can scale when your needs evolve.