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Tailor your service

Choose from flexible options to meet your unique needs.

Tailor your service

Choose from flexible options to meet your unique needs.

Tailor your staffing model, workflow and telegenetics platform for patient management.

Choose temporary or long-term staffing options

We can support some or all of your genetic counseling appointments. Choose the option that fits your needs today, with flexibility to scale up or down to match your patient volume.

Adjunct to your internal team
We can support your internal genetic counselors for overflow appointments, staff shortages and growth.

Serve as your genetic counseling team
We can support all genetic counseling appointments if you don’t have internal genetic counselors.

Tailor your delivery

We’ll listen to and understand your unique needs, recommend an approach and collaborate to deliver an outstanding service.

Tell us what you need

What type of genetic counseling do you need?
Where do your patients live?
Which languages do your patients speak?
Do you have preferred appointment times?
How do you want your patients to receive counseling?
How do you want patients to connect with us?
What is your desired workflow?

We'll deliver

Expert counseling across specialties
Coverage in all 50 states & Canada
Bilingual counselors & interpreter service
Appointments in <48 hours, 7 days/week, including evenings
Phone or video appointments available
Optional patient accounts and educational tools
Service and telegenetics platform customized for you

Access your custom platform

Our telegenetics platform connects you with the GeneMatters team for seamless patient management. We configure the platform features to your unique clinical setting and workflow.

  • Access your customized platform in less than one week.
  • Schedule and manage patients, share records and receive real-time tracking & notifications.
  • Specify optional patient-facing features for education and account access. 
  • Use as a stand-alone portal or with API integration into existing systems—EMR or LIMS.

Learn how we can quickly configure our platform for you.

Receive quality and performance metrics

You’ll receive patient satisfaction data along with key performance and quality metrics, backed by our rigorous quality assurance measures. We can also customize data collection within our platform to provide you with metrics you need for internal quality measures. 

Our genetic counseling service is flexible so as your needs change, we will too.